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Anti-corruption measures / antitrust law:

The Schatz Group pays attention to fair competition and does not make any unfair efforts to win contracts. The granting of benefits, gifts and invitations to persons or customers beyond a minor extent are not permitted.

Our purchasing organisation also practices these principles; the acceptance of gifts or other benefits, especially in connection with the awarding of contracts, is not tolerated.

We are consistent in our rejection of collusion and unfair competition in our markets.

We maintain industry contacts responsibly and handle data and information confidentially and with utmost conscientiousness. We also agree on this bindingly and communicate this to our employees.

Occupational safety and procurement sources:

We categorically reject any kind of child labour and exploitation and consistently refrain from sourcing from markets and regions that are incalculable in this respect.

It goes without saying that we pay attention to and consciously deal with issues of occupational safety in the private and corporate spheres.